CBA Project

We redefine project success.


Projects work on new, usually complex tasks. The project success is currently mostly defined by the magic triangle time scope costs. But are these the variables that characterize the real success of the project?


The quality of the solution is a crucial criterion for project success. In addition to the direct influence of the chosen solution on time, scope and costs in the project, customer acceptance, the degree of utilization of the solution and the sales achieved in the entire life cycle have a lasting effect. Running costs, the effort for further development and maintenance as well as adaptation to customer requirements are largely dependent on the implemented solution.


CBA Project creates a solid content basis for projects. Requirements, evaluation criteria, parameters and use cases are extracted from the knowledge, which form the basis for the creative process of finding solutions.CBA Project helps with the evaluation, comparison and decision-making regarding different solution alternatives as well as with the implementation in a project plan.

CBA Project enables sustainable benefits through particularly good solutions.