What is project success?

Anyone who has attended a project manager seminar knows the three usual criteria for project success:

  • Appointments kept #time

  • Budget not exceeded # budget

  • content goals implemented #scope

These are certainly important criteria that determine the work of a project manager. But are they also success criteria?

We have our doubts. The above-mentioned criteria take effect during the duration of the project. However, it would be bad if a project ended its impact immediately upon completion. This is usually not the case. The solution created in the project has an entire lifecycle. There are very different effects: The benefit is gained from the fact that the solution can be used effectively by the users.

Useability and simplicity are necessary to generate a high degree of utilization. When developing a product, these criteria are reflected in the sales success. Failure susceptibility, maintainability, adaptability and further development are further criteria that determine the quality of a solution. There are also issues of environmental friendliness, energy consumption and fair trade. Further criteria can be listed. Their impact is usually a multiple of the project budget. As a result, project success is measured by the quality of the solution.

For this reason, we represent a somewhat unusual strategy in projects: We strive for better solutions and then look for the best price-performance ratio in a comprehensive sense over the entire life cycle of the solution.

What is the best solution? We assume the following context:

But how do you get better solutions? We have created a new method and tool for this. The problem-solving process structures the procedure in 7 systematic phases. With the CBA Compendio (#cbacompendio) the user goes through the 7 phases with phase-specific IT support. In this way, the user researches knowledge, integrates experience and ideas and promotes creativity in a systematic process. A successful way to better solutions.

We'd love to hear your opinion. Take part in our survey. You will receive the survey results and a voucher for a CBA Compendio taster course, where you can get a taste of this topic. Interest? Further information at www.cbapplications.com or message to info@cbapplications.de

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